Rapa Nui … Easter Island ~ Feb 2012

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Easter Island…Rapa Nui

Rapi Nui was everything we hoped it would be, a small tropical island in an incredibly warm deep blue sea, with some of the most amazing sites. The Moai (stone heads of Easter Island) were tremendous. Many have been restored, but still more are half buried in the earth or toppled where they have been for centuries. Every incredible picture you’ve ever seen of them are true to form. We stayed in a very small, family owned, two-room Residence, Chez Steve Residencia Kyle Mio. The family lives on the property and really helped to make our stay memorable. We toured the entire island, saw the Moai and Moai quarry, snorkeled in the clear blue warm ocean and relaxed. We spent 4 days, and could have spent 4 more enjoying everything for a second or third time.

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