Turkey ~ Mar 2009

Return to Europe & Asia

Republic of Turkey…Türkiye Cumhuriyeti









In March 2009 we went to Turkey with Rebecca’s father Harry and a group of his friends. Harry made all of the arrangements and we had a private tour for 7 people. It was fantastic. Our group of 7 consisted of Harry and his friend Gyorgyi Horvath, his buddy Shawn Wilson, Shawn’s parents Jack and Georgia Wilson, and the two of us. Our guide, Remzi Kaya was terrific and very knowledgable, and the company he works for, Cappadocia Tours, creates some wonderful tours.

March is a great time of year, because even though the weather was cold, there were very few tourists so we could see a lot and there were no crowds. We had a great itinerary, beginning with 6 days in Istanbul seeing the sights and shopping. Harry ended up in the hospital with a stomach bug so Gyorgyi and Rebecca spent two extra days in Istanbul with him while the rest of the group flew to Cappadocia. Harry recovered so the group was back together again for our flight to Izmir. We stayed in Kasadasi, and from there visited Pirene, Ephesus, Miletos, The Temple of Aphrodite, and the Temple of Apollo. The last leg was a drive to Pamukkale, and a flight back to Istanbul to conclude our trip.

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