Russia ~ Aug 2008

Return to Europe & Asia

Russian Federation…Российская Федерация


In August 2008 we went to Russia with Tanya from Chernihiv and Victor and Olga from Sumy. For US citizens getting a visa is expensive and a pain in the butt, but we jumped though all of the hoops and got our visa 2 days before it was time to leave. Plenty of time! We thought getting the visa would be the end of it, but no, once we got there, we still had some hassles with registration, ATM’s not working, etc. but we managed to overcome all of the obstacles and had a wonderful time.

Rebecca’s son Roger was working for the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota, Florida at the time, so we were able to stay at the Ritz, right on Red Square, with a family discount. Thanks Roger!

We were in Moscow for 3 days and St. Petersburg for 4 days. They are both beautiful cities, and we went nonstop seeing as much as possible every day. We had a 28 hour train ride back to Sumy from St. Petersburg, so we spent long days seeing the sights and saved all of our sleeping for the train ride home.

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