Tiger Travels


14 December 2009 we arrived back in the US after almost 3 years in Ukraine. We arrived in West Columbia SC, and went directly to the Tiger Adventure Vehicles factory to see how our Tiger was coming along. There was still a lot of work to do, but they finished on time and 17 December 2009 we left for California. The goal was to be in California by Christmas, and we made it by the 23rd.

For 10 years we lived in our Tiger full time, traveling around the US. You can see images of our Tiger here, and images of our travels throughout our website. By 2022 most of our travels took us to Panama, so we made the tough decision to sell the Tiger. It was a hard choice, but a Tiger needs to be used, and ours had become just transportation. It went to a good home, and will hopefully see many more great travels. We recommend a Tiger to anyone looking for a very versatile adventure vehicle.  If you’re interested in other Tiger news check out the Tiger Owners Forum.

David ʼn Rebecca’s journey through retirement!